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By submitting a digital form and entering (taking pictures) or submitting your own photos through the official channels of the company "Serena pro", your data will become part of the extras/feature extras/actors / other artists, owned by the mentioned companies.

The information will be used for the purpose of searching, sending to third parties (productions, casting managers, marketing agencies, TV houses ...) with the aim of selecting / hiring you for a specific project (TVC, film, series, etc.).

We will use the contact information to keep you informed about projects, to find out if you are interested in the project, and to inform you about the dates and locations of the shoot.


By completing this application you are agreeing to:

  • disposal of your personal information for the purpose that we have mentioned in this text, same as and any other terms and conditions of cooperation listed in our Terms and condition (on our web site or in the mail that you will get after filling this form)


Each member whose information is kept in a database owned by Serena pro d.o.o has the right at any time, in writing, to request permanent deletion from the database. The mail to send a written request is serenapro@serenapro.hr (state your first and last name in the mail and a written request).


NOTE: If you are a professional actor/dancer/model and own professional photos, please send them to serenapro@serenapro.hr

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